Sale Manager of WES KPK

With the platform of World Educational Service (WES) my mission is to give a new dimension to the educational sector of KPK. Through this platform we are going to introduce such innovative projects by which all institutions of KPK will be digitized. In this era IT has replaced all conventional methods of services. WES has developed 24 projects in educational sector from which 8 projects are being launched in 1st phase. For the promotion of these projects we are taking distributors from every city of KPK. I would like to suggest those entire qualified male & female youngsters which are seeking for job or for self-business WES platform is an ideal opportunity for them. They should utilize this platform not only for personal benefit also to contribute to the national progress. WES projects have a lot business potential in market so distributor can earn a reasonable amount living in his own area. This business opportunity is being provided to the KPK Male & Female educated persons without any big investment. So I would like to invite such persons those have exposure of business should join WES to opening a new chapter of prosperity. I hope that if our young generation will replace the conventional methods with innovative technologies then no one stop the Pakistan as progressive country of the world. I am very pleased & highly thankful that a responsibility of a noble cause has been given to me and I am highly expected that all educational institutes of KPK will cooperate with me to change this dream into reality.


Arafat Khan Sale Manager of WES KPK