Our Vision

The Vision of World Educational Services (WES) is “Digital Pakistan”. WES is taking initiatives to make the Education System more digitalized by incorporating technology. Digital technology in Education not only makes learning mobile, interactive, and motivating but also helps institutes to automate day-to-day tasks. On one hand, Online learning provides new-age technology to widen the educational scope while on the other hand, It helps institutes to increase productivity by decreasing the time to maintain records thus increasing accuracy.

WES has become a pioneer and leading innovator in introducing IT solutions for the improvement of our Educational systems and Institutions. Educational institutes in particular and other big Organizations/Corporate sectors, in general, can benefit a lot from our IT Projects, the first of their kind in Pakistan.

Our projects as e Study Card allow students to work and learn at their own pace at any time, while  Examination Development Software, Online Teaching System, Smart Attendance System, Institute management software, Branded Message Service, Computerized Testing System, and others facilitate  Institutes as well as teachers by creating exams on a single click, teaching online, accessing and managing administration at any time and approaching people via message service.

In other words, WES aims to take Pakistan’s Educational System to new heights like never before. After meeting our desired goals and objectives in Pakistan we intend to expand our network in other countries of the world. Allah willing we shall have our presence in other countries in near future.