OTS (Online Teaching System) is a comprehensive software
solution designed to streamline the educational process for
institutes and teachers. It offers a wide range of features to
facilitate teaching, testing, communication, and administrative


1. Online Testing
• Institutes and teachers can create and administer tests, quizzes, and
assessments for students.
• Real-time grading and performance analytics provide valuable insights.
2. Homework Assignments
• Assign, track, and manage homework tasks for students.
• Keep a record of homework submissions and due dates.
3. Online Video Classes:
• Conduct interactive live video classes for remote learning.
• Record and archive sessions for later access.
4. Communication Hub
• Send important messages, notifications, and announcements to students
and staff.
•Maintain clear and efficient communication channels.
5. Fee Management:
• Track and communicate fee-related information to students.
• Generate reports and reminders for payment deadlines.
6. E-Study Card Integration:
• Seamlessly integrate e-study cards to provide students with easy access to
their educational data and progress.


• OTS enhances the educational experience by offering a unified platform for
teaching, testing, communication, and administration.
• It simplifies administrative tasks and improves communication between
institutes and students.
By integrating e-study cards, the system ensures students have quick access
to their academic information.
OTS is a versatile online teaching system that empowers institutes and
teachers to deliver quality education in a digital environment. It efficiently
manages testing, homework, communication, fee tracking, and e-study card
integration, making it a valuable tool for modern education.