The world has moved to digitalization in all spheres of life to enhance the productivity and efficiency of work. The government o of Pakistan has taken a very aggressive initiative and launched effective measures for promoting IT culture and gaining self-sufficiency in this important sector. With this preamble, I can safely vouch that IT service providers/companies have a great scope for expansion, and their future is very bright. It is a great source of pleasure and satisfaction for me that World Educational Services (WES) has become a pioneer and leading innovator in introducing IT solutions for the improvement of our Educational systems and Institutions. Educational institutes in particular and other big Organizations/Corporate sectors, in general, can benefit a lot from our IT Projects, the first of their kind in Pakistan.

Educational Services (WES) aims to digitalize the educational sector of Pakistan. For this purpose, we offer a very unique and beneficial project Computerized Testing System (CTS) for all esteemed organizations/institutions which will facilitate the institutions and students on a massive level. We aim to establish more than 400 franchises at noodle points in all major cities across the entire country; so that all concerned can have an easy approach to our experts in their respective cities.  After meeting our desired goals and objectives in Pakistan we intend to expand our network in our neighboring countries and other countries of the world. Allah willing we shall have our presence in other countries in near future.In the current process of widespread globalization, we in WES understand that meeting our customer’s requirements is essential to the success of our organization. We can say that the years we experienced in the past are significant years and it is clearly seen that we have intensively delivered our best performance to focus on customer satisfaction.

Pakistan Zindabad

Yours Sincerely,

Ch. Nadeem Ahmad Tarar

Finance Director WES



With the platform of the World Educational Service (WES), my mission is to give a new dimension to the educational sector of KPK. Through this platform, we are going to introduce innovative projects by which all institutions of KPK will be digitized. In this era, IT has replaced all conventional methods of services. WES has developed 24 projects in the educational sector from which 8 projects are being launched in 1st phase. For the promotion of these projects, we are taking distributors from every city of KPK. I would like to suggest for those entire qualified male & female youngsters which are seeking for job or for self-business, the WES platform is an ideal opportunity for them. They should utilize this platform not only for personal benefit but also to contribute to national progress. WES projects have a lot of business potential in the market so distributors can earn a reasonable amount living in their own area. This business opportunity is being provided to the KPK Male & Female educated persons without any big investment. So I would like to invite such persons who have exposure to business should join WES to open a new chapter of prosperity. I hope that if our young generation will replace the conventional methods with innovative technologies then no one can stop Pakistan as a progressive country in the world. I am very pleased & highly thankful that responsibility for a noble cause has been given to me and I am highly expected that all educational institutes of KPK will cooperate with me to change this dream into reality.


Arafat Khan

Sale Manager WES KPK