We are thrilled to introduce IMS
(Institute Management Software), an
all-encompassing solution designed to
enhance the efficiency of your
educational institution. IMS goes
beyond traditional management
software, offering an extensive set of
features to support the complete
administration of your institute.

1. Administration: IMS simplifies and centralizes administrative tasks, making it easy
to manage student and staff information, generate reports, and track key data, all
within a unified system.
2. Accounts: IMS offers robust financial management tools, enabling you to
efficiently handle accounts, fee collection, and generate financial reports with ease.
3. Transport: Manage transportation services effortlessly with IMS, including route
planning, tracking, and monitoring for the safety and convenience of your students.
4. Classes: IMS optimizes class scheduling, assignment distribution, and classroom
management to ensure smooth and effective teaching and learning.
5. Attendance: Streamline attendance tracking, helping you keep accurate records
of student and staff attendance for better accountability.
6. Fee Vouchers: IMS simplifies the process of creating and distributing fee
vouchers, streamlining the payment process for both students and parents.